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What we do

Agricultural Products

We are your number 1 marketplace for Agricultural products(grains, vegetables, livestock, seedlings etc

Farm Consultancy

Whether you are just starting a farm or an existing farmer, we offer hands-on solution to improve your livestock/crop farming

Farm Set up

We understand how frustrating starting a farm is, especially for a beginner. we can help set up and manage your farm.

Production of Seedlings

We produce seedlings (palm oil, coconut etc) in large quantity, no matter the quantity you need, we can supply you

Farm Supplies

We provide Agricultural Equipments, Agro-allied Products, Agro-chemicals, Aquaculture, crops, seeds and Fertilizers

Land Acquisition

We provide Lands for Agricultural purposes in the Western region of Nigeria. We provide Lands that are suitable for your agricultural.

About Us
Who we are

Quemems Farms is  an Agro-based company focused on cultivation, production, processing and marketing of Agro products.

Established in 2018, Quemems Farms Nigeria Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in February 2018.

We are a high growth startup working to tackle food security in Africa as a productive team.

Our Nursery

Oil palm nursery

We offer the best oil palm seedlings in Nigeria (Tenera-9 months and Supergene varieties-6 months).

We offer the oil palm seedlings of about 6 months.
* Super Gene like Tenera is a hybrid, but that is where the comparison stops.
* Supergene fruits in 2-3 years while Tenera fruits in 4-5 years
* The parent’s materials of Super Gene are by far superior to Tenera.
* The nuts are bigger, the productivity is higher, the waiting period before production is greatly reduced.
* This specie (Supergene) is part of what makes Malaysia the number one Palm producer in the world due to its prolific production there.

Interested in setting up a farm?

No matter your budget or the size of your farm, our team of Agricultural Experts can help you  set up your farm. We set up farms across Africa with our experience and expertise, and modern day state of the art equipment and techniques your farm is up and running in no time.

Our Farming Plans

We have a plan for everyone


  • Consultancy
  • Management of existing Farm


  • Consultancy
  • Land Acquisition
  • Farm set up
  • Training
  • Farm management
  • Marketing of Farm Produce


  • Consultancy
  • Farm set up on existing Land
  • Training

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