Our Projects

Oil palm plantation set up at Ebonyi, Nigeria

Oil palm plantation set up in Ebonyi,the plantation is seated on a 40 hectares of land in the heart of Ebonyi state, Nigeria. The plantation contains 3000 Seedlings of oil palm of the  Malaysian Supergene hybrid, which is known to start yielding within 24-36 months with proper care. Our company is taking care of the management and cultivation of the farm. The seedlings were first kept in the nursery for 10 months before they were transplanted to the site.

Setting up of oil palm nursery at Owerri, Nigeria.

Are you looking to set up an oil palm plantation in Nigeria. At Quemems farms, we help set up oil palm plantation in Nigeria. 

We offer the oil palm seedlings of about 6 months.
* Super Gene like Tenera is a hybrid, but that is where the comparison stops.
* Supergene fruits in 2-3 years while Tenera fruits in 4-5 years
* The parent’s materials of Super Gene are by far superior to Tenera.
* The nuts are bigger, the productivity is higher, the waiting period before production is greatly reduced.
* This specie (Supergene) is part of what makes Malaysia the number one Palm producer in the world due to its prolific production there.

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No matter your budget or the size of your farm, our team of Agricultural Experts can help you  set up your farm. We set up farms across Africa with our experience and expertise, and modern day state of the art equipment and techniques your farm is up and running in no time.