Grow your money with us

Build for rainy days, beat inflation, earn passive income and secure your future by investing in any of our Agricultural projects.

Our Farm Project

Palm Oil Plantation

  • Plant 100,000 palms
  • 45% ROI in three years

Root and Tuber

  • Plant 200,000 yams and cassava
  • 28% annual ROI in two years
  • Construction of processing plant

Maize Plantation

  • Plant 200,000 maize
  • 28% annual ROI in two years

Why You Should Invest With Us

Interested in setting up a farm?

No matter your budget or the size of your farm, our team of Agricultural Experts can help you  set up your farm. We set up farms across Africa with our experience and expertise, and modern day state of the art equipment and techniques your farm is up and running in no time.