Cassava processing business: the new oil

The annual demand for Garri is estimated at 1,000,000 tonnes, while the supply estimate is about 250,000. In Nigeria, the supply gap of Garri has continued to expand as the population continues to grow, leading to rising costs.

Garri is the main food in Nigeria, consumed by almost every Nigerians. Its processing method is simple, only several machines can form a garri processing line. The high demand and low investment bring opportunities. Many Nigerians even foreign investors are interested in garri processing. Below are step to put into consideration before starting a garri processing business.

Conduct market research: Before venturing into garri processing business, you need to have a basic understanding about the business. You need to know the local cassava price, cost of planting and harvesting your cassava if you don’t want to buy from farmers, know the price of garri processing machine, and the capital required to build a garri processing plant, and know the market price of garri. After doing this research, you can have a basic understand of how much fund is needed to start garri processing business in Nigeria and know how much profit can you make.

Required capital: As with any other business, you need capital to start and your target should be between 500,00 to 2 million naira, it’s just an estimate and you will need more money. Doing a proper research will help you to know the exact amount you need to start. You can partner with other farmers, for instance at Quemems Farms we have a cassava farm and we are open to partner with anyone who has interest in Garri processing business.

Required equipment: the equipment needed for garri processing can be imported or can be manufactured locally. During your research you will know the best to go for. Some of the equipment needed are grating machine, grinding machine, presser and fryer.


Marketing and Packaging: In Nigeria, garri can be sold to local market, local food stores,supermarket, etc.. Garri is widely consumed by every household in
Nigeria, therefore you also do not need to worry about its sales.

To ensure your products stand out from your competitors. You can use sacks for 25kg and 50kg bags and for supermarkets and stores, you can use special nylon for attractive packaging. 

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